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Can you balance earning and leisure, fun and career, planning and action?
You bet you can!
We find that quite normal.

Maybe you have already experienced a lot in your career and are a highly specialised expert. Or you are a graduate looking for a promising career path. Either way, we look forward to seeing how you add your expertise and personality to our team.

We also have a lot to offer in return. As an owner-managed service company, we know that our people are our greatest asset. That's why we want you and your colleagues to feel really good. In fact, it works so well that most people don't want to miss us, as you can see from our low staff turnover. Respect and trust - internally, but also with our partners and customers - play a very important role.

Culture of respect

You can expect transparency, loyalty and respect from your superiors. They know: Short communication channels and quick decisions make your work easier. That's why their door is always open to you.

Exciting projects

Automation stands for a variety of interesting and diverse tasks - especially when the clients are as high-profile as ours. In other words, you can expect the kind of challenges you want.

Above average salary

In addition to a high paycheck, you can also count on classic benefits with us: These include an employer-funded company pension scheme, as well as hardware and a mobile phone for private use.

Opportunities to grow

We invest in you: product certifications, on-the-job training for new projects and tasks, in-house training and individually tailored further training and qualifications are waiting for you.


Do you want to cycle to work? We'll buy you a bike that makes your commute to work fun. Company parties and team events increase the feeling of togetherness. Some of them are legendary.

Daily work

Night owls or home office fans can breathe a sigh of relief: with us, working hours and work location adapt to your life. Work-life balance, diversity, a hands-on mentality and agile working are an integral part of our culture.

“Mir gefällt besonders, dass kein Tag wie der andere ist. Durch immer neue Projekte und Aufgaben weiß man nie zu 100 %, was einen erwartet, und man muss somit flexibel sein und schnell zwischen den unterschiedlichsten Themen wechseln können. Dieses Vorgehen sorgt für jede Menge Spaß und Abwechslung an der täglichen Arbeit.

I especially like the technical variety and challenge of new projects that our clients ask us to do.

I appreciate the team cohesion, as the cooperation among colleagues is excellent, and that I can pursue my special interests. If I want to develop further in another area, that is always possible after consultation. Be it in the professional area with new technologies and innovations, or also in the human area, where a lot is invested in the topic of employee satisfaction and company culture.

Dies alles trägt zu unserem professionellen, aber auch lässigen setis Spirit bei.”

Christian Böck (Consultant and Trainer)

“Es herrscht eine tolle, familiäre Atmosphäre. Die Kollegen sind klasse und helfen jederzeit gerne.
The behaviour of the managers is impeccable. Problems are listened to and solutions are discussed constructively.

Die Aufgaben variieren von Projekt zu Projekt. Es besteht stets die Möglichkeit eigene Ideen zu entwickeln und einzubringen.”

Dominic Murschel (Consultant)

Our mentoring model.

To make sure you feel at home with us from day one, you will be assigned a mentor. This is an experienced colleague who will make sure you get up to speed quickly, especially in the first few days and weeks. He or she will introduce you to our infrastructure and processes, and make sure you get to know the team members and projects. You will discuss specialist topics with him or within your team.

In this way, we want to ensure that you have a pleasant start to your career as a consultant at setis!

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