All-round service for your Automic Automation®

IT automation with Automic® has been our core business for many years. Whether Unix or Windows, whether databases or SAP® - we link Automic® with every conceivable customer system. We know: If you can describe a business process, you can automate it - no matter how complex it is. So let's tackle it together.

We have long maintained that we can find an answer to any Automic® challenge. We are available around the clock when our troubleshooting skills are needed, but we also look forward to an ongoing service partnership with you. The bottom line is that we want to be your Single Source of Service for Automic Automation®.

Automic Automation®

With Automic Automation® we create intelligent automation solutions that increase your efficiency and productivity in many ways.

Development & Operations

Adapt the capacities of your IT to your individual needs with a flexible delivery model for Development & Operations.

Business & IT Process Automation

Optimise your IT through the interaction of business, development and operations - naturally with the goal of far-reaching automation.

Strategy, Architecture & Interfaces

With the right strategy and architecture for your IT, you can achieve maximum scalability and performance.

Automic Continuous Delivery®

Run deployment processes in an agile yet robust way with Broadcom's Automic Continuous Delivery® Automation.

Automation Competence Center

Gain access to know-how from all IT automation disciplines in order to be able to act flexibly and efficiently.


No two automation environments are the same. Perhaps you are still at the very beginning of automating your IT and business processes. Or you have a complex task to solve and would like an expert to provide permanent support to your team for a few months. Our experience saves you time and resources. Chances are we have already seen your challenge in a similar form and solved it successfully.


Secure automation expertise for your own team. There are two different ways to do this: Either you plan an individual workshop with us in-house. Or you train your employees to become experts on the setis training path. The same applies to both options: Training and curriculum are developed by our all-round experienced trainers, who have enjoyed an excellent reputation in the Automic® scene for many years.

Managed Services

Why not outsource the responsibility for Automic® operation completely to us? We keep your system up-to-date, take care of bug fixes and ask ourselves the question: 'How did the automation actually run last night? Of course, you only pay for what you actually need. And if the need is greater, a whole team of specialists will support you, integrating seamlessly into your individual operating processes.


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