The self-service solution for your workload automation.

MyAutomation – Die Self Service-Lösung für Ihre Workload Automation

Picks up where Automic® leaves off...

As an authorised Automic® partner, we are convinced of the benefits of the market leader in business and IT process automation. But like almost everything in (business) life, Automic® can also be made a little simpler. Or rather: more user-friendly.

With MyAutomation, we have developed an intelligent solution with an easy-to-understand interface. End users can use it to independently create, start and monitor simple IT business processes in Automic Automation®. Your IT automation specialists have their hands free again for the cases in which they are really needed.

Examples of use

Release and Deployment Management

With MyAutomation, you deploy your Automic® objects quickly and securely at the touch of a button. Mass exports and imports of Automation Engine objects are no problem. MyAutomation integrates seamlessly into version management systems such as GIT and is modularly expandable - e.g. for release processes or rollout on parallel target environments.


MyAutomation gives end users a clear, real-time view of the status of batch runs and system processes. The frequency of status queries to IT is reduced and autonomy is increased. MyAutomation can be flexibly configured to show departments or user groups only the processes that are relevant to them.

Request Management

MyAutomation enables specialist departments to easily create new Automic® jobs and recurring requests (e.g. for SAP® reports) themselves. The order runs via freely configurable MyAutomation forms and can even be generated and started fully automatically.

IT Housekeeping Processes

Deleting old activities, starting and stopping systems or managing users are not grateful tasks, but they must be carried out conscientiously. With MyAutomation, even smaller activities can be channeled and automated in a controlled manner using action masks. They can then be made available to the entire team in a secure manner.

Test Automation

Typical test processes such as automatic regression tests or the copying of test data between different environments can be transferred directly to the testers via MyAutomation. This saves you valuable time and reduces the risk of errors during the test cycles.

Operater Console

For power users, the MyAutomation console offers an alternative for many operations that are very time-consuming in the Automic® web interface. These include mass changes, restarting many jobs, starting and stopping queues and much more. In addition, you can programmatically incorporate Automic® operations that you previously performed manually directly into scripts, further increasing the level of automation.

...and is constantly evolving.

Our self-service solution MyAutomation for Automic Automation® has been on the market since 2019. In parallel, we are already working on a new version. In addition to many technical innovations and improvements, it will have a completely revised and graphically refreshed user interface.

Convince yourself of the advantages of MyAutomation and make an appointment with us for a free presentation.

Immediately comprehensible

MyAutomation's intuitive, simply designed user interface minimises training time and provides maximum overview right from the start. "Keep it simple!" is our top priority. What the user sees is a clearly structured, appealing and intuitive interface. A high level of comfort and minimal time required for familiarisation make work easier and increase satisfaction.

Comprehensible and transparent

MyAutomation is audit-proof and DSGVO-compliant. Everything important is noted and can be retrieved at the touch of a button.
All requirements, changes, executions, statistics and reports are stored in the Automic Automation® database with the authentication used. In addition, MyAutomation uses versioning and archiving.

Cost and time savings

End users can complete typical processes themselves. IT specialists gain time for important tasks. And the savings potential of MyAutomation is far from exhausted. Support and maintenance as well as development, implementation and monitoring of your processes benefit from our solution. Ready-made process templates and intelligent completion aids make automation child's play for your process owners.

Easy to integrate

MyAutomation is designed to work with Automic Automation®. Beyond that, there are hardly any requirements. Therefore, installation is done in no time. Our web-based solution is easily inserted into your existing automation infrastructure. Existing authorisation concepts can be adopted to quickly get started with MyAutomation.


MyAutomation lives up to its name: each end user sees only the functions he or she needs. The user interface of MyAutomation is a simple and clear service catalogue. Users or user groups only see the services and functions that are relevant to them and for which they are authorised.


Business users use the MyAutomation user interface instead of working directly in Automic Automation®. This permanently reduces the load on your infrastructure. Reopening the page, monitoring progress, restarting a process - there are many good reasons to access Automic®. Quickly, the system becomes busy and feels like a cluttered small car. MyAutomation helps to get it running again like a well-oiled machine.

MyAutomation Support

If something should not run smoothly: We take care of it.

With the setis software maintenance contract for your MyAutomation solution, you are on the safe side. You will receive regularly updated versions of the software with new features and functions. And if something doesn't work as it should, we also publish updates and bug fixes that specifically solve certain problems. This means that you always keep your software up to date - and automatically benefit from further technical development.

The software maintenance contract also includes personal support: In case of problems, you will receive uncomplicated help from our support staff from Monday to Friday from 09:00h to 18:00h, excluding public holidays.

``With MyAutomation, we are now in a position to control our IT processes ourselves in the specialist department and to call up the result immediately. This relieves the burden on IT operations and makes the processing of our IT processes more efficient and cost-effective.``

- IT specialist user at Teambank

Test MyAutomation now

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Unter “Weitere Informationen” haben Sie die Möglichkeit, verfügbare MyAutomation-Dokumente und -Hilfen herunterzuladen.

In a nutshell

MyAutomation is the self-service portal for your existing IT automation. It helps users in specialist departments and operating to better understand, control and monitor their IT processes. It accelerates the business process and thus saves time and money.


MyAutomation was developed by setis to bridge the gap between technical applications and specialist applications. MyAutomation has been offered as a software licence product since 2019.


MyAutomation's mission is simple: to make a decisive contribution to the digitalisation of your IT automation in the value chain. To make your processes faster, more consistent and easier. Keep IT automation simple!