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Secure automation expertise for your own team. There are two different ways to do this: Either you plan an individual workshop with us in-house. Or you train your employees to become experts on the setis training path.

The following applies to both options: Training and curriculum have been developed by our all-round experienced trainers, who have enjoyed an excellent reputation in the Automic® scene for many years. They have years of experience from a wide range of automation projects. They know what is important and make sure that you can apply what you have learnt to your day-to-day work. Always in combination with lively, practical exercises.

Whatever it takes:
On-Site or On-Line.

Creative training concepts for difficult times - and afterwards.

Every challenge also offers opportunities - discover them for yourself or your employees. Our trainers have developed a concept that enables us to provide you with high-quality training, education and workshops even under difficult conditions, while at the same time ensuring maximum planning security. And what's more, we do it efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our online trainings take place on a meeting platform so that you can be there live, ask questions and exchange ideas with the trainer and other participants. The best technology ensures easy handling. With just one click on the link we send you, you immediately become part of the training. In this way, we ensure that you experience the same added value in an online training as you would in a face-to-face seminar!

The training is over and questions arise when putting the contents into practice? No problem! Our instructors will be happy to provide you with advice and support even after the seminar.

Automic® Development.

Workflow Design and beyond.

In our Automic® Development training you will learn everything you need to automate your company's processes and workflows. Best practices and experience from a multitude of successful Automic® implementations are incorporated, so that a solid basis is ensured from the very beginning.

The training starts with an introduction to the so-called AWI, the Automic® Web Interface. It explains the system architecture and thus provides a broad understanding of the possibilities with Automic Automation®.

In the main part, our trainer shows you how to implement workflows and jobs in Automic® efficiently and professionally. You will learn the most important object types, as well as Automic® Scripting, scheduling with calendars, processing external events and much more. At the end of the training, you will have mastered all the tools and methods necessary for the successful implementation of your processes.

Automic® Web Interface

Jobs & Workflows


Automic® Operations.

Reliability in operation.

A lot can happen during operation. Workflows stop unexpectedly, jobs don't start when they should, or everything takes a little longer than you're used to. It's good to be prepared and to know exactly where to look for the cause in Automic Automation®. It is even better if you are also able to analyse the objects, error messages and logs in a targeted and efficient manner, rectify the problem and restore the smooth running of your business.

Our training courses for Automic® Operations aim to do just that: Provide an overview, identify problems, provide solutions. After all, time is money in operations.

Automic® Web Interface


Problem analysis

Automic® Administration.

How to master installation and operation.

What is the structure of an Automic Automation® system? How do I install the solution on the various supported operating systems and databases? What do I need to do to ensure resiliency? How do I speed up my system and where do I find resources and support when things go wrong?

Answers to all these questions and many more can be found in our Automic® Administration Training. On a blank canvas, our trainers will install an Automic® system with you, showing you what you need to do to get a smoothly running environment. With all the tricks of the trade from their years of experience as consultants.



Best Practices

Automic® Individual.

Tailored to your needs.

We can support you with bespoke training, workshops and coaching. Our trainers will discuss your specific needs with you and then design the required content to suit. This can be a mixture of topics from different automation disciplines or advanced workshop content such as scripting, advanced administration, SAP® system control or Automic® best practices.

“Der Dozent war sehr gut, ist immer auf Fragen eingegangen und hatte viel Hintergrund-Wissen.”

“Super responsive speaker, easily answers questions and returns to his train of thought without any continuity issues, is not bothered by quieter sessions, allows people to take their time with the content and is very understanding.”

“Darbietung des Dozenten: verständlich, ausführlich, gute Antworten. Übungsaufgaben waren sehr gut und haben zum selbstständigen Fehlersuchen angeregt. Sehr gut! Zeitaufteilung, auch mit den Pausen, gut.”

“I really appreciate that the training was interactive, we could try everything by ourselves. It was not just a boring presentation.”

“Tolles Format, verständliche Formulierungen, Referent ist sehr auf die Teilnehmer eingegangen. Gerne wieder.”

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